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You find out who your real friends are, after you have a baby

I know what you're thinking.

"Yes, this is so true!" But more than likely, you're thinking that because you've lost friends. That's not the case for me. That's not what I THINK when I hear that phrase. I have lost not one friend since having children. And I was the first of all of my friends to have a child...and ain't shit changed (in my hood voice).

I have lots of friends...I'm going to talk about 4 specific friends in this post. Because I live so far, damn near 99% of my friends are still in New York. Because of that, I chose to have my baby shower in NY (August 2016) at my favorite restaurant, Brazil Brazil. In high school, Tiffany and I were good friends. Of course, sometimes you just lose contact with people. We found each other on Facebook some years ago. And guess what, after not seeing her since high school, which at the time, was 12 years ago, she came to the shower. The shower I shared with my sister who was also pregnant. She not only bought me a gift (a baby bouncer), she bought my sister a gift as well.

Congrats to her, she's about to have a baby girl.

Meaocea aka Meme, my fellow Virgo. Friends since 2009. She bought Jai's crib, even though that was one of the items on the registry that Dwight and I were planning on paying for ourselves. Love, love, love her!

Shelly, she is one of the sweetest people ever! We met in 2000 if I'm not mistaken. Through a mutual friend Jennifer (who is my bestie of all besties). They were neighbors. She bought Jai's pack n play. Oh yea, and congrats to her on her new bundle of joy, Roman. Who was born on my daughter's birthday.

And last but definitely not least. My butter pecan Puerto Rican...Jennifer. We met in middle school in 1999. She is my sister from another mister. We used to get into all kinds of stuff. Like joy riding in her mother's car. And going on a shopping spree with that $100 I found, because back then, to two 16 year olds, that was a lot of money lol. She came to the baby shower and I cried. I hadn't seen her in so long. She not only bought almost $150 worth of items from my registry, she snuck off during the baby shower and paid for ALL THE FOOD! Which she did NOT have to do. How fuckin' awesome is she?

*I hate this picture, I wasn't ready. And apparently, Jaimarie wasn't ready either lmao*

And guess what, due to the distance...NONE OF THEM HAVE EVEN MET JAI. These are REAL friends.

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