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Why I Garden

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

"Why do you garden?"

Someone asked me why I garden. I love that question, because my answers tend to make people want to garden themselves. Encouraging other people to get their hands dirty makes me feel good.  

My gardening journey began in 2014. I had no clue what I was doing. But I thought it would be cool to go outside and pick fruits and veggies that I grew with my own hands, from seeds. 

I main reason for growing my own food was to save money. Even more so since I rarely eat meat. I'd be just fine surviving off if fruits & veggies.

The other reason is because I'm EXTREMELY impatient. Gardening helps with that. I have no choice but to wait for everything to mature before I harvest it. So it forces me to be patient. 

Gardening is relaxing too. It's satisfying just to look at. I'm always at peace staring at my garden. I mean come on, I CAN GROW FOOD; for my family. That feels so damn good. 

Then, there's the fact that I have absolutely no clue where food in stores come from and what they are sprayed with. Even the organic stuff isn't organic. I don't use pesticides or chemicals in my garden. My garden is truly organic, fresh and healthy. 

And call me crazy if you want, but I also think about feeding my family in case of a major issue like the government cutting off our food source. Yup, no more shopping at stores because they'll be empty. I'll still be able to feed my family. 

Oh, and a zombie apocalypse. I have to be prepared for that. Just kidding...or am I?

Anyway, gardening is something I'm proud of and passionate about. I hope my kids appreciate it just as much as I do. 

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