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Veggie Go's

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Veggie Go's, your daily serving of fruits and veggies on the go!

Thanks to Moms Meet, I got to try Veggie Go's for free. I'm always excited to try new snacks, especially healthy ones.

Usually, things that have beets in them taste like dirt. But the strawberry chia seeds + beets were actually good. I love chia seeds, I put them in my smoothies or soak them in coconut water. I like pickled beets too, they don't have that dirt flavor but regular beets do taste like soil lol.

Along with the fruit and veggie bites, I got some fruit and veggie strips. One of the fruit and veggie strips had beets in it and that one DID taste like dirt. Gag! I loved the Apple Spice flavored one though.

Overall, they're a pretty good snack to have on hand, especially for the kids. Easy to pack, fun healthy and packed with flavor.

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