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To Share Or Not To Share

Do you make your kids share?

The expected answer is yes. But why? Because it's nice? Of course it's nice. But is it really NOT nice when kids DON'T want to share? This might be an unpopular opinion, but I don't think kids should be forced to share.

Growing up, my parents didn't make me share with my little sister. My stuff was my stuff and her stuff was her stuff. Yes, we played together. I DID share, but only if I wanted to. It is perfectly ok to not want anyone to touch your things.

Jai just turned 2 years old yesterday, Jaida kept taking his new toy and he let her because he knows she's a baby. But he was upset. So I took the toy from the baby and gave her something else to play with. Not only do I not want him to feel like he has to share, I don't want her to think she can take his toys from him if he's actively playing with it.

Most of the time, he does in fact share. And I love that. I will teach them that it's nice to share, especially with your siblings. However, boundaries need to be set. Even for kids.

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