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Target Garden Finds

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

I love this time of year. All of the stores start putting out more garden related items. I finally made my way to Target and wasn't disappointed with what I found. The first thing I saw was this cute garden kit, perfect for children. I almost tossed it in the cart until I remembered that I have tomatoes and cucumbers already. So I didn't need the kit.

Next, I saw a nail brush and hand towel set. It wasn't necessarily a need, but can you blame me for buying it? Plus, why not make it a bit easier to scrub under my nails to get all the dirt and grit out?

This ruler and dibbler was so cute, I just had to get it, and it would help a lot with spacing for seeds that I direct sow. It's rare that I direct sow because I usually start everything in seedling trays and random containers, but these are great tools to have on hand.

Plant labels are great for beginners who aren't yet familiar with plant names. It helps to remind you of what you planted and where. These were heavy duty which I loved, but I didn't purchase any. I only use (plastic) plant labels during the seedling stage. After I transplant, chances are, I won't use them.

They had some cute wooden ones as well, they even came with twine.

I kind of regret not buying the floral tape. It's stretchy, non-stick tape that you tie around the main stem of your plants and trees when staking them. Maybe I'll go back and get some another day. That's if they're not all gone.

I saw another Buzzy kit, but with strawberries and clovers. Again, I didn't need this, but I was almost tempted to buy it. Buzzy always has the cutest packaging.

There was literally ONE of these Gardener's Sets left, so I happily snatched it up. You can never have too many seed envelopes, plus I love stickers and notepads.

Here goes more cute Buzzy packaging. They almost got me again, but I have seeds for everything in those Tipsy Gardener kits. So, on the shelf is where they stayed. These gave me an idea though. Maybe I'll make cute gifts to give to friends and family with seeds and supplies that I already have.

Oddly, I didn't buy these planters. I actually need more pots for my house plants.

A watering can, perfect for kids. They had more in the back of the store with different designs/patterns, along with boots and tools to match.

Save The Bees and flower Buzzy kits.

This surprised me. I'm 100% sure my Target has never stocked Smith & Hawken seeds before. I didn't even know this brand had seeds in the first place. I'm assuming this is new for the brand. I love Smith & Hawken. They're planters are expensive though, so I like to wait until the end of the season to catch them on sale. I got a BUNCH of planters on sale once for under $7, original price was over $25. Their seed packaging looks great. So sophisticated.

Last but not least, I saw a couple of books. Although I wanted them, something told me not to buy them despite the fact that they were 30% off (original price, $25). After leaving Target, I ended up finding them online for cheaper than the sale price. Good for me for listening to my instincts lol.

I hope you enjoyed my findings. If you're following me on Facebook or Instagram, or if you're subscribed to my YouTube channel, you'll see me using the item I bought. Let me know which items you'd buy.

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