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Sephora Play - September

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

I really love getting my Sephora Play box each month. I didn't get a chance to make a post about the August box, is what September had to offer.

A Change of Face

Last month's box came with lots of makeup, this month's box did as well. And although I am not a makeup wearer (maybe tinted gloss & eyeshadow every once in a blue moon); this time, I got a few things I'd actually use.

As always, there was a beauty insider points card. I have yet to use one.

And...the product description page.

Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream

Gimmie Brow, I like to darken my eyebrows sometimes. Mainly because I pluck them so much, ext thig you know, they look non-existent lol.

Liquid Velvet. Not a lipstick wearer, but I'll save it for special occasions.

Sephora eye pencil, this can be used for my eyebrows lol.

I love Deva Curl products. So I'm glad I got this, I've been wating to try this one. And Living proof nourishing oil. Never tired their products, but...first time for everything right?

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