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Pure Spoon - fresh and delicious

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Thanks again MommyCon...and Pure Spoon . Jai and I got to test complimentary samples of Pure Spoon baby food. 

Although we do baby led weaning, I am always open to trying new things. Mainly if the ingredients are all natural. Aside from applesauce and smoothies, Jai eats whatever we eat. So I was curious as to how he would react to something new. 

Pure Spoon has some great blends. Like avocado and pear. Jai likes avocado! It was one of the first things I gave him to eat. 

(The spoon is from  Olababy )

As always, I tasted it myself. I don't give my kids anything I wouldn't eat. And I must say, it was good. I put some on the spoon and let him taste it. He ate it, but I could tell he was like "this is good, but what is this texture?"

So I gave him the spoon and let him do it himself. 

He took a taste but after that, he kinda just played with it. I know it was mostly because of the texture. He prefers something he can chew. 

So, my plan is to use one of his reusable squeeze pouches, put some in there like I do with his smoothies and see if he'll try it that way. 

Overall, I like Pure Spoon. And unlike other baby food, it has to be refrigerated. Whixh to me, is a good thing. I would definitely suggest it to other moms, especially those who prefer to start with pureed foods. 

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