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Pinot's PalettePinot's Palette - Karaoke and Paint (celebrating my birthday)

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

I love art, it was my second favorite class in high school. Music was number one. I wanted to do something fun for my birthday (9/22), so I told Dwight about Pinot's. Neither of us had been to one of these before so I figured it would be fun. And although singing was my first love, and I can actually sing my ass off, I have stage freight. So participating in karaoke was out of the question. My heart wanted to, but my nerves said "nope!"

Anyway, when we arrived, they had our names written in chalk on the tables so we knew where to sit. And we each had a cup of water, two paint brushes and a plate under the canvas with all the colors we needed for the painting.

It was BYOB but I didn't realize that until we got there, so next time, we'll bring a glass and something nice to sip. The instructor was nice and funny. He said that we could either follow along with him or do our own thing and even get up and change the paint colors if we wanted to. We could even paint a completely different picture other than the multicolored, drip lips. I decided to keep the colors they chose for us and somewhat follow instructions lol. While he was showing everyone how to draw the outline for the lips, I decided to paint my canvas black first, then do the lip outline.

This caused my lip colors to look darker than everyone else's who did their colors before painting the rest of their canvas black. But that was ok. I was still happy with the way my painting turned out.

I actually think it would've looked even better if I outlined everything in white. But I guess I can always do that later. Dwight's painting came out good too. He followed the instructions lol, so his colors look brighter than mine.

The instructor told us that our painting glow under fluorescent light. They had a black light room, but there was a private party going on so we didn't get a chance to go in. But the good thing is, we have a black light at home in our bathroom.

Overall, it was a cool experience. We enjoyed it enough to say we'd be back again. And I was glad to find out that they have kids classes, so we said we'd bring them one day. Pinot's has over 100 locations. If you haven't been to one,

check it out


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