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New Energy

A change was needed. I have been fighting this change for over a year, and it was finally time to follow through.

This blog started out as a parenting blog focused on educating families about pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. My background in the medical field and that fact that I became a lactation educator while pregnant with my son, gave me the information I needed to help people. That's all I ever want to do in life was help people. There was little to no information about my own life and family aside form sharing my own pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding experiences as teaching tools. My Fb page blew up overnight because of the information I was sharing. People were interested. One day I was at 2,000 Facebook page likes and one day, I woke up to over 10k. After that, it continued to increase rapidly. I soon joined an app that was very similar to Facebook, but it was for moms only. The advice they were giving to each other was shocking. I was appalled by the lack of education, and the amount of false and dangerous advice that was going around. I found myself constantly going behind people saying "that's not true" and "that's dangerous". Soon, the creators of the app made me the go-to person for lactation advice and the title of Mombassador (a name I chose for moms who became ambassadors for the app), and everyone came to me and my sister (a doula) for any and all advice. Ha! We were like the doctors of the app.

"There was a new energy present, and it deserved to be seen."

I can't even count the amount of moms who I have helped successfully breastfeed. I won't go into details, but just know that the app slowly fell apart (and now no longer exists) and the original mombassadors left. We created our own Fb group, and many of us remain friends to this day.

Eventually, I began showing my face more because I thought people should know who was working behind the scenes. Next thing you know, I was sharing more personal experiences about my life as a parent, business owner, yogi, homeschool mom and more. It became a lifestyle blog about my life and changing the name didn't cross my mind until I started working with more brands and the blog was less about parenting and more about, well, life and my hobbies. I know it's never too late, but it felt like it. I felt like I had already established myself as The Mom In Me Blog and that's what people knew. But deep down I knew things were different. The entire blog was different. There was a new energy present, and it deserved to be seen. That energy is me. So instead of trying to come up with some crazy memorable name, I decided to use my own. The good thing is that most of you reading this actually know my name and don't actually call me The Mom In Me, so I figured it wouldn't be such a shock.

So what about the blog is changing aside from the name? Well, I will be giving my seed shop it's own platform. There will be a separate website this fall for all things seeds and gardening, including the t-shirts. I'm definitely gonna keep sharing my garden here, but I wanted to get away from my blog being known as a seed shop. I didn't think me selling seeds would take off the way it did, so it deserves it's own entity. I will also be moving my herbal wellness shop the and spiritual shop. Those two will be on the same website because they go together. My journey as an herbalist is based on my spirituality and I couldn't bare to separate the two. I have already been working on that website and it will likely launch before the seed site.

If you have been here since 2016, thank you for sticking around all these years. I hope you continue to stick around. And I hope you newcomers stay tuned...

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