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MommyCon Memphis | 2017

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

MommyCon was awesome!

I found out about MommyCon browsing on social media. I saw that they were going to be in Memphis so I HAD to get my ticket.

There was so much to do and so may vendors to see. So I decided to stop by Vagina Village first.

The workshop I attended was called "Redefining Motherhood" with Amy Appleton and iLana Grostern.

Amy & iLana own Apple Cheeks cloth diaper company.

We talked about things like being a stay at home mom, how to find time for self care, things we are told or hear from other people about what a perfect mother is. There was laughter, a little crying and frustration. The ladies in this workshop let it all out. No holds barred, no judgement zone.

We also talked about emotional labor. "We are the control center for our entire family." Emotional labor is a thing, we need to voice how we feel and recognize how we feel as moms in general. Whether we stay at home or go to work. We STILL feel like WE are responsible for everything.

The ladies were great! They brought up some really good topics. As a member of Mom Life, I see so may moms complaining about the very things we talked about in this workshop. Moms, don't feel guilty about needing time for yourself, even if that means hiding in the bathroom!


After visiting Vagina Village, I went to check out all of the awesome vendors before heading to the next workshop. As I walked around, I saw some cool things, like changing stations. you could change your baby right there in the hall without worrying about taking all of your stuff (stroller, bags, etc.) into the bathroom. How cool!

There were so many vendors...

I stopped by the Evenflo exhibit.

I had the pleasure of speaking with the Content & Community Manager, Christina Thesing (to the left). She showed me Evenflo's newest bottle, the Evenflo Balance, which helps prevent nipple confusion. She explained how it worked and gave me 5 bottles and extra nipples. Thank you Christina!

"Supports Healthy Bottle-Feeding! Proper latch promoted by innovated nipple shape. Silicone Proflo ventig technology rapidly releases air bubbles into the bottle, not baby's tummy."

Then I stopped by the Re Play table. They had feeding essentials made out of recycled milk jugs. Get it, Re-Play?

They also gave everyone who stopped by a complimentary tumbler cup. You can find these products online at, Target, Amazon, Walmrt Kroger, Whole Foods and more!


I checked out some more vendors before heading to the Potty Training workshop. Chicco, Sincere Elephant (I love elephants), 2 Lambie and more.


Becoming a Potty Training Maverick with Laura Wojciechowski the Scaredy Cat Potty Trainer.

Keep all of your receiving blankets, they'll come in handy!


After the potty training workshop, I went to check out the rest of the vendors...

Including Tula

Why do I NOT have one of these yet!? Omg, it was so comfy, and baby boy loved it too. It was so nice and snug, lightweight and cute.


After playing around with the Tula carriers, I stopped by the other vendor tables before heading to the Feeding Lounge. Baby boy was getting hungry, and there was so much going on around us, he wouldn't nurse because he was so busy trying to look around.


The Feeding Lounge

It was awesome. The lighting was dim, it was quiet, and it came equipt with nursing essentials. Snacks, storage bags, nursing pads, pump parts and even a mini fridge to store your milk.

While there, I also let my phone charge, I was taking so many pictures and videos, my battery was getting low. Once baby boy was nice and full, I stopped tat the Selfie Spot.

I then headed back to the main area to site see before leaving. MommyCon was giving out gift bags to all the atendees. I picked mine up when I first got there, and by the time I left, my bag was full of all the free products and flyers that I accumulated while I was there.

Overall, I had a great time. MommyCon will be in Atlanta in October, will I see you there? I hope so!

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