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Melanated Brujas | Juju: The Web Series

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Fellow brujas, we all know that there is a lack of melanated witches on television. And when we finally see one, she is seen in a negative light. Like Angela Basset's character on American Horror Story, Marie Laveau. Growing up, my mother, sister and I used to watch Charmed evey single week. It was and still is one of my favorite shows, I binged watched it when I saw that it was on Netflix. Although I loved it, the one brown witch that was on the show, Mozelle Batiste, played by Debbi Morgan; was only seen in a few episodes. By the way, she was also a witch in one of my favorite movies, Eve's Bayou.

Well Juju: The Web Series didn't wait on t.v. networks for a chance to represent. I saw a shared post on Facebook about the series, and immediately wanted to check it out. I was hype! The first episode started off a bit slow, but I wanted to see what they were working with, and knew I couldn't give a proper review based on one episode. And like many shows, it got better with each episode.

The series is about three friends/roomates, Ally (Cydni Jenkins), Gigi (Nedge Victome) and Yaya (Cassandra Borgella).

Yaya is much like me. She works at a nursery, and we all know I love houseplants and gardening. She's also an herbalist, again, like me. Suggesting teas and concoctions to help people. Gigi is very outgoing. She's the social butterfly of the three. Ally is Cuban, which I was happy about since I'm part Cuban. She is the more serious one of the three. They each began to come into their powers and start to experience things that they aren't quite sure is real. Ally is not convinced, despite being able to make people do things against their will or making things happen. When talking to her boss, she said she wished he would choke, and he began choking. While making an attempt to call 911, she said "please stop choking" and sure enough, he stopped. Yet she was still in disbelief.

(Gigi, Yaya & Ally)

Yaya begins to show signs of being an empath. She hears people's thoughts. Gigi's word can kill, literally. She almost caused an Instagram follower to take his own life. As they each go on about their day, the series shows us that there are entities out to get them, but they don't know that just yet. Overall, I love it. Especially since I'm from N.Y. (the Bronx) and the series is filmed in N.Y. (Brooklyn). They have the potential to be greater and I won't be surprised if I see them on Netflix one day. I'm speaking it into existence. Part one of the finale left us with a cliff hanger when one of the girl's "friend with benefits" comes by the house, hands her a drink and she falls to the floor. I am curious to know what happens next week.

“I wanted to see a world of Black supernaturals. So I created one.”

Moon Ferguson

Watch season one here.

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