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KidsEmbrace Carrier

Updated: May 9, 2020

Do you babywear? We do! When I say we, I mean Dwight and I of course. We wear our babies in and out of the house. 

I love a good wrap, however; I prefer a carrier because it feels much more secure. 

Dwight and I decided to take the babies to the zoo. And his carrier of choice was our brand new KidsEmbrace Justice League DC Comics Chibi Elite Carrier. 

Cool huh? I love it. I use it at home while I'm working in the garden. The top folds down which is a great feature if you want to use it forward facing. 

Jaida is a daddy's girl. So she was loving being snuggled close to daddy while walking around the zoo. 

The carrier was a perfect fit. Dwight isn't a small guy. So usually, other carriers make him feel like the baby isn't secure. But he enjoyed this carrier a lot. 

It not only has buckles, but it it has velcro for a more secure fit. 

Another cool feature was tmhow cool the carrier looked under black lights. 

We entered a dark, cave like exhibit where the nocturnal animals were. 

I looked at Dwight and yelled "oooh look!" The carrier was glowing in the dark. It looked AWESOME!

The KidsEmbrace Justice League DC Comics Chibi Elite Carrier is not only comfy, it's stylish. We also have the Justice League, DC Comics Chibi Deluxe Carrier with Hood and the Batman, DC Comics Deluxe Carrier with Hood. Dwight LOVES Batman.  

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