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Inspired by Tea | Guided by yoga

If you've noticed, my slogan is Inspired by Tea | Guided by yoga. I'd like to explain exactly what it means. In a way, it explains itself, but it's much deeper than what some people may think.

Inspired by tea.

Growing up, in the morning while everyone was still asleep, my grandmother would make us cups of and we'd sit at the table drinking tea while she read her newspaper. It was something I really enjoyed doing. Tea, became more than just a drink. Tea was happiness. Tea was inspiration. The older I got, I explored new teas that impeled me. Having a cup of tea before I began my day, while it was still quiet, when I could relax and think, inspired me to be creative.

Guided by yoga.

Yoga guides me, especially after having a hot cup of tea. It allows me to follow through with my inspirations. It allows me to focus on what it is that I want to accomplish. It allows me to become more aware of who I am and opens my mind to new ideas. Yoga makes me strong physically and mentally. My yoga journey began in high school. It was an option between swimming, weights and the typical gym class where everybody did nothing but socialize. It started off as an excuse to chill out between my other classes, but quickly became something I truly appreciated. I got up extra early before school so that I could meditate and do yoga. It helped me get through my day because honestly, I disliked school. I wasn't interested in subjects that I felt were unnecessary for my future. So, I only excelled in classes I liked, such as Art, Biology, Health Careers, Music... Yoga and meditation made a big difference in how I handled subjects I didn't care much about.

The two go hand in hand. Together, they make me better. What inspires you and makes you better?

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