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How To Ship Plants

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Have you ever wanted to ship plants? I have. At first it seemed impossible. How can I ship plants without them getting damaged? I've ordered lots of plants from different companies, and although my plants arrive in tact, there's always a mess. Soil is usually spilled out into the box and ends up getting all over the places.

I had a few extra plants and wanted to send some to my sister. So here's what I did. First, I watered the plants thoroughly to make sure they didn't dry out on the way to their destination. Then, I used packaging tape to cover the top of the containers. This helped prevent the soil from falling out of the pots.

I used more tape to secure the containers to the bottom of the box to make sure they won't shift. Because we all know how our packages get handled even if we write "fragile" on BIG BOLD LETTERS on the sides of the package. I used those packaging airbags to help pad the plants in case taping them wasn't enough. Whenever I ship anything, I like to make sure that whatever I'm sending has no wiggle room.

This is the picture my sister took of the plants after they arrived

It worked! Each pot was still secured to the box by the tape and they didn't dry out. If you guys have any other methods for sending plants, please leave a comment with your ideas.

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