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How SugarBearHair helped my postpartum shedding

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

SugarBearHair is a product I recently discovered...

and right on time too. Because just like with my first child, I began to experience postpartum shedding. SugarBearHair sent me complimentary bottles of their hair vitamins, brushes, hair ties, cosmetic bags, a cool draw string bag and some cute stickers.

SugarBearHair is a delicious, vegetarian gummy vitamin, that supports healthy hair growth. And yes, it is safe for breastfeeding moms. As a LC, it was a must that I do my research to make sure it was safe for me to take.

Before trying SugaBearHair, I was using another product that worked, but only did so much. When I got my package of SugarBearHair vitamins, I ate my first two right away. Aside from cutting it every once in a while, my hair has always been long. Dry lol but long.

And before taking SugarBearHair vitamins, the edges of my hair were thinning out really bad. To the point where I rarely took pictures of myself. Not that I had no confidence, but why would I want to post a bunch of pictures of myself with bald spots (insert side eye emoji here)? Here's what my hair looked like, after using the first product and BEFORE trying SugarBearHair.

Tragic right! That definitely wasn't baby hair. I mean, maybe I could have played it off, gelled it down and made some finger waves lmao. Nah...but seriously. The left side looked just as bad...

So because I'm a very logical person, and I know everything doesn't work for everyone, I tried SugarBearHair vitamins anyway. And I prayed to the hair Gods that I would see some progress. Much to my surprise, I did! It took a while, which I expected, but I noticed my edges started to look fuller.

This picture was taken just a few weeks after taking SugarBearHair vitamins...

Although you can tell the edges of my hair was thin, you can also see how it began to fill in. Enough to make me feel a little better about wearing a bun lol. THANK YOU SUGARBEARHAIR!

Be sure to visit the SugarBearHair Facebook page, Instagram page and their website to order your 1, 3 or 6 month supply.

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