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Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year, we made it! It's 2017, and sometimes it seems as if 2010 was just yesterday.

Each year people make resolutions, and more than half of those resolutions are forgotten within a week into the new year. As for me, I never make new years resolutions, I just simply hope that the new year was better than the last. Not that the previous year was bad, but even when things are good, they can always be better right? Here's a recap of my 2016...

In January, we of course brought in the year 2016. Little did we know, something special was about to happen. In February, I hosted my Valentines Day event. I booked a venue for couples to enjoy chocolate and wine tasting, brunch for two and a performance by Ms. Cori, former lead singer of the group SNAP (if you don't know who they are, you're probably too young lol). The menu consisted of Steak & eggs, Malibu (pineapple) grilled salmon & eggs, pan seared chicken & eggs, 6 types of wines to taste, and a variety of chocolates. And I gave away two bottles of my favorite wine.

The about a week and a half later...this happened!

How exciting, happy late valentines day to us. I had been feeling a little strange a few weeks before finding out I was pregnant. And I'm one of those people who only get sick every 2-3 years, so at first, I just though it was my year to get sick. But it was a regular afternoon when I suddenly felt the urge to gag...blah! So Dwight said "do you think you're pregnant?" I said "probably, go get a test so we can find out." Any woman knows, typically when a test is going to be negative, it takes forever for the results to show up. But when you're pregnant, those results pop up before you even get a chance to set the test on the counter. I smiled like the grinch and said "it's positive." And this was our knew beginning.

My daughter was excited. She had been wanting a brother or sister (preferably a brother) for a few years.

Facebook announcement lol

My baby girl got her wish, a baby brother. And from that moment on, she became his protector. Every morning before she left to get on the school bus, she would come in the room and talk to my belly and say "bye Jai, I love you. Mommy, make sure you turn the alarm off when I leave." And she counted down the weeks until he was born. One of the exciting things about this pregnancy, I got to share it with my sister. Soon after I got pregnant, she did too. She was about 7 weeks behind me with her 4th child and 4th boy. We even shared the baby shower.

The sucky part about it, is that we live over 2000 miles away from each other. So our time spent was cut short when I had to go back home. Two months later, a star was born...

Jai (sounds like Jay) Xion

12:12pm, 6lbs 4oz, 20 inches

He was exhausted lol

Jai being born was the highlight of of our year. It still seems unreal. Sometimes we look at him like wow, he's real. 2016 definitely had some ups and downs, and I had a lot on my plate being pregnant while tending to my garden to make sure we had fresh fruits & veggies in the house, running my 5 businesses, taking care of home and simply living. Things in life can become overwhelming real fast, but it is what it is. It's up to you to make the best of it. Overall, my 2016 wasn't all that bad. Even though a lot of things didn't go my way (I'll get into that on another blog post), I am glad I have my family.

2017 is here! Lets make it great.

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