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Growing Sweet Potatoes From Slips

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Each year, my love for gardening grows more and more. I can't explain how exciting and rewarding it is to watch your own food grow. 

I wanted to try something for the first time. I'm growing sweet potatoes from slips. In September, I harvested my sweet potatoes.

Let me first say that I will never put sweet potatoes in the garden bed again. They were hard to dig up. So from now on, I'll be growing them in grow bags. 

After harvesting the sweet potatoes, I i cut of the slips. I then took them inside and placed them in glass bottles with water. And I waited...

In less than a week, they began to grow roots. 

And within a few weeks, they were full of roots! Amazing right!? Once I was satisfied with the growth of the roots, I filled one of my 5 gallon grow bags with soil and transplanted the sweet potato slips.  

I then harvested the last of my sweet potatoes and did the same. I placed them in glass bottles with water and I'm waiting for full roots. Sweet potatoes take a while, so these won't be harvested until early 2018 (Spring). But it will be well worth the wait. 

Check out my YouTube video  and stay up to date to the process of growing sweet potatoes with slips. And try it yourself! 

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