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Fasten Your Bathing suit and let's Swim!

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

Hashtag awesome!

If you haven't checked out Fasten, you should. Fasten is a brad that sells swimwear and dancewear for girls. And thanks to them, Jaida is now a #Fastenista. Fasten has the cutest designs, I chose the Rainbow Hearts printed swimsuit and I love it!

Jaida dippin' her toes in the water

Let me add, I loooove to swim, I learned at a young age, so I want to teach my babies to swim.

I may even have to teach Dwight, because he can't swim. And it would suck if he couldn't save them from drowning since he never learned how to swim.

My oldest holding Jaida

Aside from the stylish patterns, Fasten swimsuits have the coolest feature I have ever seen. There is a flap at the bottom of the suit. The flap has two snap buttons on each side and the top is magnetic, which helps hold it up.

This makes diaper changes easier. I really wish these existed when my 13 year old was a baby. It's definitely better than having to remove the whole bathing suit. Even for me as an adult, pulling down a WET bathing suit to use the bathroom is actually quite annoying. Maybe I can convince them to make these in adult sizes lol. No but seriously, is that possible? No but seriously, is that possible? Anyway,

Just a heads up, if you purchase a swimsuit, be sure to go up a size, or two, or three. The only downside is that they run extremely small. I originally requested a 6 month suite but it was VERY small. Smaller than a newborn onesie. Jaida is wearing an 18 month size swimsuit. It fit just right.

Other than that, I love this swimsuit. I'm definitely going to order another one next summer. We are planning a family vacation to Aruba (which is beautiful by the way, so if you haven't been, you should go) and she will need a brand new suit to wear on the beach.

My brown eyed girl

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