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Eleven and a half years apart

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Who would have thought that I would start all over again. A new baby, eleven and a half years later? It was never my intention for my kids to be so far apart in age, but it was well worth the wait. I honestly thought I could no longer have children. After all, after having two miscarriages within six months of each other, and not getting pregnant again after that (believe me, I tried), I thought my daughter would be the only child. I became ok with that.

Until I met Dwight. I was finally happy, I haven't TRULY been happy in a relationship in 7 years prior to meeting him. He made me want to have more children. I wanted a family, and so did he. But I still had it in my head that I couldn't get pregnant. I had a competition coming up in June of 2016, so we said we would try after the competition was over. So we had been avoiding sex during the time I ovulated, but one day, we just said to hell with it.

Fast forward to the morning of February 26th. Him and I were talking and I randomly started gagging. We both looked at each other like "wtf is that about?" I didn't think much of it, maybe it was something I ate. But he asked me "do you think you might be pregnant?" So naturally, I'm like, yea right! how could I be pregnant? After all, I still had it in my head that I could no longer get pregnant. But he went and bought a test anyway, and...

Yup, I was pregnant! I have never smiled so hard in my life!

I waited a few weeks before I told my daughter. She had been wanting a sibling for years. She was excited and instantly became protective. Every week she would say how many weeks we had left until he was born. I asked her if she wanted to be there when the time comes and she said yes.

So...she got to witness here baby brother coming into the world. Most kids probably wouldn't have wanted to see that, but this was just as special to her as it was to us. And she was old enough to understand what was going on.

What is it like having kids so far apart in age? Awesome! She's like a little parent, the only thing she hasn't done is feed him, because I am breastfeeding. She runs to him the second he cries, she changes his diaper, she plays with him and reads to him and he's the first thing she tends to when she comes home from school. The bond is refreshing, and I get a break when I need one (not that I push him on her, I never do).

The only thing that makes me feel unhappy about the age difference, is the fact that she has no siblings close to her age, nobody to relate to (aside from cousins who we live nowhere near). despite that, I feel good knowing she will always be his protector.

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