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Don't Give Me That Drink! (The glucose test).

"Its so gross!"

"Omg, I don't want to drink that nasty stuff."

That's usually what you hear when pregnant women talk about the glucose drink. In my case, I didn't want to drink it because I didn't like how it made me feel afterwards. It was like a drank 10 Red bulls. I crashed, felt sick and weak; never again! 

With my first child, I never knew the test existed. My midwife never mentioned. With my second child, I only agreed because I wanted to see what all the hype was about. And it actually wasn't disgusting. It was more like a melted icy loaded with sugar. 

But because I remember how I felt after drinking it, I refused to do it again and demanded an alternative. Sadly, not many women know that there's an alternative. Orange juice, pancakes and syrup, candy bars...I got jelly beans. A nice giant handful of 'em.

My only complaint was that they kept getting stuck in my teeth lol, and I only had 3 minutes to finish them. 

Honestly, if I didn't finish them and they offered the drink again, I would've refused the test all together. I know my patient rights, I don't have to agree to anything if I don't want to. 

Anyway, the jelly beans weren't too bad. They were the Jelly Belly brand, with the good flavored beans. Well, there was that one licorice one, yuck! 

So mamas, if you're like me and don't want to drink that crap of a drink, ask for an alternative. Actually, don't ask, demand one!


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