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DIY Mason Jar Herbs

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

I love growing my own food. Herbs are probably the easiest. And I suggest all beginner gardeners try growing herbs first. I to keep my herbs indoors, either in or close to the kitchen. It just makes more sense.

Growing your own food can be intimidating, but it's pretty easy and most of the things you can grow outside can be grown indoors with proper lighting.

For your indoor herbs, you'll need:

  • Mason Jars

  • Pebbles or marbles (they can be found in stores like Michael's or Target)

  • Potting soil

  • Seeds (choose any herbs you like)

I got these pebbles from Michael's. They were about $2.99 per bag and the perfect size.

Put about a handful or two in each mason jar.

The pebbles serve as a built in self draining, self watering system. Regular planter pots have holes in them to drain excess water. The pebbles help drain the water to prevent fungus and disease. So you will only need to water it when you notice the water at the bottom is gone, or when the soil is drying out.

If you'd like, get some paper, tape and a permanent marker. Write down the herbs that you have chosen, and cut them into strips. Then tape the pieces of paper to each mason jar.

Put half a cup of potting soil in the mason jar, plant your seeds, then cover them with a half cup of potting soil. You don't want to fill your mason jar to the top. You need space for your seeds to germinate and grow. Then add enough water to moisten the soil.

More than likely, the back of your seed packets will tell you when to expect your seeds to germinate, and when your herbs are ready to harvest. So now, all you need to do it wait...

But remember to water often. And keep your jars in a sunny windowsill.

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