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Date Night Box Club

Updated: May 9, 2020

The Date Night Box Club is a subscription box for couples with activities to do together. Luckily, I found the boxes on Amazon, so I didn't have to subscribe, in case I didn't like it. I ordered the Spa Night Box which came with some cool pampering items. 

It also came with reflexology cards, this looked familiar because I learned about this in college. 

It even came with lotion sticks and facial masks. 

I filled the inflatable foot baths with hot water and dropped in a couple of the foot podz in each one. We soaked our feet while we watched tv and talked. Once the water began to cool I said "ok, let's dry our feet!" 

I dried mine then dried his and gave him his foot massage first. He's a big kid, too big to be as ticklish as he is lol. 

Then, it was my turn. I needed it. I spent thst morning in the E.R. due to chronic migraines, slept for 4 hours when I got home; I was exhausted, weak and needed to be soothed. 

Each card had questions that we had to ask each other or statements that we had to complete. Things like "If I had to pick the perfect age to be for the rest of my life...." and "It's totally inappropriate,  but sometimes..." 

It was fun, we laughed and felt relaxed.

Then, it was time for the facial masks. 

Excuse my hair, as I said, my whole morning was exhausting. The masks we cool and soothing. 

It was fun, and I can't wait to order a different box.

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