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Cut and Come Again Lettuce

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

When I first started growing lettuce, I would grow it so that I could harvest one head of lettuce at a time.  

But, it was a lot of work & a waste of seeds. Since lettuce seeds are so small, you almost have no choice but to plant a few seeds in one hole. Then, you thin your seedlings out in order to save the best ones. That's a waste of seeds, because most gardeners thin seedlings and toss the ones they picked out. 

Well, this year I figured I'd try the Cut and Come Again method. What is that? Well, instead of harvesting the whole head of lettuce, you cut it at the base. Within 2 weeks (give or take), it will grow back. And you can do this quite a few times. Meaning more lettuce for you to enjoy, without having to sew more seeds for every head of lettuce you harvested. Here's what it looked like before the first cutting. 

I harvested the lettuce and within days; 3 days to be exact, it was already growing back. And by day 9, you could definitely see the difference. 

Here it is, about two weeks later. 

You can see that some of the lettuce (green romaine & gourmet mix) grew back a bit smaller. And some grew back nice & full (red romaine & green ice). 

I can't complain though. After cutting it a second time, it was still enough for my family of three (technically four, but obviously two month old Jaida isn't gonna be eating salad any time soon), to enjoy a nice salad. 

Now let's see how many more times I can cut and come again. 


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