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Charm VoxBox FREE from Influentser

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

I've been a member of Influenster for just a few months, and I have already received my second VoxBox. My first VoxBox was the Eat Well Be Well VoxBox, this time, I got the Charm VoxBox. Influenster dedicated this box to moms. And remember, I received these products complimentary (FREE)!

Influenster did a sneak peek of what products would be in the Charm Box, and I was excited!

The items I'm most excited to try are the Eva NYC hair products. I am ALWAYS on the hunt for products that compliment my hair. So I hope I am pleased after using the Clean It Up Shampoo and the Therapy Session Hair Mask.

In my home, we make tacos (or nachos) all the time. And McCormicks is the number one seasoning brand that we use. I can't wait to try McCormicks Organic Taco seasoning Mix.

Peeps!! Peeps are fun, but some don't taste very good. These peeps are bitter sweet, because they are coconut flavored AND dipped in chocolate. I love coconut, but I don't like chocolate.

Let's get wild! Wet n' Wild that is. I remember as a preteen, Wet n' Wild was the top nail polish brand. My best friend and I would go to Walmart and grab a bunch of them and paint our nails. This brings back memories.

Date night, here I come. I already have tons of perfume from Bath & Body Works, but a girl can never have too many smell goods. Something new for the man of the house to sniff, Vera Wang...ahhh!

Motts Applesauce, yum! Unfortunately, baby boy isnt quite old enough for food yet, he's only 5 1/2 months old. I was going to let my daughter try this, buuuuut I think I'll keep it for myself. I'm a big kid lol.

I'll be reviewing each of these products, so be sure to check the product review section of my site.

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