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Black Owned Seed Shops

Updated: Jul 18

When it comes to black gardeners, homesteaders and farmers, it seems like we are few and far between, but lately we have been showing out and letting the world know that we are out there. But what about seed shops? Where are all of the black owned seed companies? Check out this list of Black owned seed companies:

Backyard Garden Seeds: Backyard Garden Seeds is my company that I started in 2021. However, I started selling seeds right here on my blog 2 years prior. After my blog started being recognized as a seed company (which is wasn't), I decided to give it it's own platform, and Backyard Garden Seeds was born.


Instagram: @backyardgardenseeds

Check out my feature on Humans Who Grow Food: Check it out

Ujamma Seeds


Instagram: @ujamaafarms

Melanated Organic Seeds


Instagram: @melanated-organicseeds

God's Garden Girl


Humble Servants Homestead

Website: Etsy Shop

YouTube Channel: Subscribe

Seed Mail Seed Co


Instagram: @seedmailseedco

Concrete Garden Seeds


The Hood Garden

Website: Etsy Shop

Instagram: @thehoodgarden

Renaissance Farms


Instagram: @renaissance_farms

I Grow Shit


Instagram: @igrowshitllc

Let's Grow The Garden Life


Instagram: @letsgrowthegardenlife

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