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Apps To Earn Money And Gift Cards

What better time than now to start saving, and even earning money. Don't worry, this is not one of those "do surveys and only get .10 per survey" type of posts. I hate those. I want you to be able to get money/gift cards by doing things that you already do, like shopping or simply walking in front of the entrance of a store.

Yes, you read that right. You can get money/gift cards by being in the doorway of a store without even having to go inside. Let me explain.


It's is a cool app that will give you what is called Kicks, simply by being by the doorway of a store.

Often times, I don't even get out of the car. I we are close enough, once I open the ShopKick app, it will prompt me to accept the kicks. The Kicks add up and you can cash them in for gift cards. It's that simple. You can also earn Kicks within the app by watching short 10-15 second videos and clicking on certain products.

There are four ways you can earn Kicks at stores:

  1. Walk-Ins (as I already stated)

  2. Scans (scanning products listed in the app)

  3. Receipts (uploading your receipt if you purchased items listed)

  4. Linked Cards (linking your card to make online purchases in the app)

Target Circle

If you have the Target app, they now have it where you can earn cash back by purchasing items it the Target Circle. You also earn votes which you can apply to local non-profit organizations.

Receipt Hog

You can upload just about any receipt and earn coins that you can redeem and get Amazon gift cards, Visa gift cards or money sent to you PayPal account.


Ibotta is my favorite app. Shop at local stores (stores will vary based on your location), upload your receipts and earn cash back. Some items even allow you to purchase up to 5 at a time, so you get 5 times the cash back. You can cash out via PayPal, or get gift cards.

Checkout 51

This is my least favorite if I can be honest. The items you can purchase to get cash back change every week, and they rarely ever have items that I actually buy. You have to request a check to cash out, and I prefer PayPal, but hey, it may work for you. Try it!

There are more apps available, but in my opinion, these are the best ones.

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