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A Taste of Adventure at Taste of Atlanta

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

I have been going to Taste of Atlanta since 2014. Well, aside from last year, because it was so close to my due date and I didn't want to take any chances. I haven't been disappointed yet!

As always, its fun and everything smells so good. The first thing I tried was Ponko Chicken. When I say this was the best chicken on a stick I have ever had in my life; I mean it!! Dwight said "you wanna try that first?" and I said yes. He took a bite and said it was good, so I snatched it from him and tasted it myself. Heaven on a stick. I sent him back two more times before I went myself lol.

If I could have, I would've take the whole vendor station home with us. Seriously!

Next up; True Food Kitchen. I love fresh food. So we got the Seasonal Ingredient Salad, Herb Hummus and Chis Pudding. Everything was good and unfortunately, about 10 minutes later, the rest of my hummus fell on the ground when trying to get the stroller down some stairs.

Yum, Jamaican food! We didn't get to grab one of their cards, but whoever they are, all I have to say is...

Those festivals were so damn good! (Jerk chicken, escovich and festivals).

The sun started to come out and it was getting hot. Baby Jai began to look exhausted so I needed to find a shady spot to nurse him. I looked over the railing and saw there was an area on the other side of the fountain where we could sit (it was down a flight of stairs which is where my tasty hummus fell).

It was nice and shady and we relaxed by the fountain for a while; before we headed back up the stairs to check out some more vendors.

I think we'll visit this little spot more often.

Sara Lee bread is our favorite. I probably got a little more excited than I should have when I saw the guy giving away FREE bread lol. Thank you!

After getting our free bread, we stopped at NaanStop. Indian food is another favorite of ours. We will definitely be frequenting this restaurant in the near future.

The highlight of my day; avocado sorbet. Whaaaaaaat? Can you fall in love with food? Is that a thing? I thought avocado couldn't get any better, but Livingston Restaurant + Bar proved me wrong. I have GOT to have this again!

Before we left, we grabbed some snicker doodle cookies from Tiff's Treats. I love soft cookies, and these were delicious.

Sadly, we were so busy eating that we didn't get pictures of everything we tried, but everything was good. Taste of Atlanta, we will see you next year.

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